Monday, March 23, 2009

Game Review: Bocce Ball

Friends of ours from seminary introduced us to this great outdoor family game. Here's what we like about it:

  1. The rules are simple and easy to learn but every round is different. You can play for a long time and not tire of it.
  2. It is flexible as to number of players. Two people can play but so can a group of up to eight!
  3. Bocce Ball is a great game for a group of mixed ages. Children can play on teams with older, more athletic adults, and it's still fun for everyone!

The basic idea of the game is that a first neutral ball is thrown into an open area. Each team tries to land their balls closer to the neutral ball than the other team. Sometimes you can bump balls or move the neutral ball with your throw; so it's kind of like a combination of croquet and horseshoes.

Some bocce ball sets can be quite expensive, but we bought ours for $15 at Target and think it does the job just fine. I'd say we've already gotten more than $15 worth of fun out of it!
Some of our friends enjoying a good laugh in the midst of a game of bocce ball. (photo is from my friend Julia)


MaryAnne said...

Bocce Ball has been a hit at our house, too...

Mary Ann said...

We've had this game at some of our church picnics. My husband enjoys it!