Tuesday, March 17, 2009

First Day of Spring Celebration

Monica, at The Homespun Heart often has good ideas for family traditions. You can read about what she is going to do to celebrate Easter this year here.

In order to really concentrate on the true meaning of Easter her family has decided to move the more "fluffy" rituals like treat baskets, egg decorating, egg hunts, and bunnies to a party to celebrate the first day of spring. You can see pictures of last year's spring celebration here.

I really like this idea and think that I may try it for our family in years to come. (The first day of spring is this Friday; so I think it's too late for me this year!) I like the fact that it means that one can still do the fun things, but they don't have to distract from what is more important.

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Unknown said...

I like the idea of having the "bunnies and chicks" part of Easter be used on a different day. One side note, though, coloring eggs is actually an ancient tradition of the Church. Traditionally they were all dyed red (the color of sacrifice and the martyrs) and had symbols of the cross, fish, etc. on them. The egg is a natural symbol for the tomb and the life-giving work of the Resurrection. I think that with the proper instruction, this tradition could be "re-redeemed" and made into a holy one again.