Sunday, March 1, 2009

Review: Horation Hornblower Television Miniseries

I don't recommend too many movies or television shows, but I think that the Horatio Hornblower mini series produced by ITV and A&E is really worthwhile and especially great for older boys and teenagers.

The series is based on a number of maritime novels written by C.S. Forester and taking place in the late 18th century. There are eight episodes, and each is about 90 minutes long.

Here are the things I really like about the series:

1. It is unusually wholesome. Each episode contains some violence, but it is not glorified in a sensational way, and profanity and sexuality are almost non-existent. (I say "almost" because I don't remember any at all, but I don't want to make any guarantees without having carefully combed through each one)

2. The character development is really good. The main character, Horatio Hornblower, is not only possessed of a number of admirable character traits like perseverance, careful decision-making, and compassion, but he matures throughout the series. He's not a perfect character either, and he is often filled with self doubt because of his flaws. There is a lot for young men to emulate in the presentation.

3. Artistically, the films are well-done. It was a very high budget production for television, and that shows in the screen play, costumes, and acting. The stories are varied and exciting.

You probably wouldn't be able to find this series at your local blockbuster, but if you have a subscription to Netflix you are in luck. Also, you might check your local public library. That is where I first stumbled on them!

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