Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Creative Storytelling with Kids: Volume Controller

I really would like to improve my personal storytelling skills. Seems like one of those things that good parents and grandparents from a hundred years ago really knew how to do well.

Nowadays, when there is easy access to soooo many good books, it's easy to just rely on those. It does seem though, that something magical is touched in a child's imagination when an adult looks them in the eyes and spins a tale just for them.

I thought this simple storytelling idea from Raising Creative Kids had a lot of potential. I'm not sure if I'll do it exactly as they describe it, but it definitely got my creative juices flowing on this topic.
"First, cut an arrow shape out of cardboard. Show it to your child and explain that it is a volume controller. As you point the arrow upward, the sound grows loud; as you point it downward, the sound grows soft.
Then, start telling a story about a storm that comes and goes, letting your child do the sound effects. As she makes the sounds of wind, falling rain, and thunder, use the arrow to signal the wind growing stronger and stronger, and the rain falling harder and harder and the thunder booming louder and louder (for added fun, switch a light on and off to represent lightning.)

Continue the story, using the arrow to indicate the dying sounds of the wind, rain, and thunder as the storm passes by and all is quiet again."

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