Monday, August 8, 2011

Fun Magazine Recycling Ideas

If you are like me you have a big pile of magazines sitting somewhere that you can't bear to throw out just yet.  Here are some ideas for putting all those great pictures to use with your kids before your magazines end up in the recycling bin.  
Make homemade lick-em stickers.
Make Post-It Note Puzzles with some of the pictures.

Let your kids glue on the pizza toppings on a piece of round cardboard to make a pizza puzzle

Magnetic Flower arranging on an old cookie sheet

What fun ways have you used old magazines?  It would be great to hear your ideas!


Sue Walker said...

I love all of those ideas.

ticiaM said...

I love the magnetic flower arranging.

Sandy Miguel said...

Thanks for this great post. Just want to let you know that you can share photos of your recycling action through an app called RecyclePix. It's pretty cool.