Tuesday, October 25, 2011

3 Anticipation Games to Play with Baby

Babies love anticipation, but they especially like familiar anticipation.  That's why "peek-a-boo" and "This Little Piggy" become more and more of a hit every time you do them.  Baby knows a fun surprise is coming and approximately when they can expect it, and that is exactly how they like it.
So, chances are you could stick with "peek-a-boo" and "This Little Piggy" forty times a day for the rest of your child's baby career, and your baby wouldn't mind a bit.  But you might get a little bored.  :-)

Here are 3 more fun anticipation games to play with baby to mix things up a little.

1.  Who's Coming to See Baby?  Hide a stuffed animal in a cloth bag, and let baby see the bag.  Ask:  "Who's coming to see (baby)?  Is it Grandpa Walker (or some other ridiculous suggestion)?"   Gradually pull the stuffed animal out of the bag and into sight little by little, offering more suggestions as you go.  When the animal is all the way out, exclaim, "It's (Bunny!)"  and bring Bunny up to tickle Baby's neck.

2.  "I'm going to Kiss Your... Eyes!" Lay baby on his back and lean over him.  Say, "I'm going to kiss your...." and pause with an excited look in your eyes while your lips hover over the part of his body that you plan to kiss.  Quickly exclaim, "Cheeks!" and go move in for lots of quick, excited kisses.  Repeat over and over with lots of body parts.

3.  Tickling Fingers Walk.  I learned this one from watching my mother in law change my babies' pajamas.  (works best when baby has a bare chest.)  Slowly walk two of your fingers up Baby's tummy and chest as you sing "Bum, bum, bum" to the tune of "Doe, Ray, Me."  When you reach the very highest note and the top of baby's chest, quickly run your fingers around baby's body, tickling him and squeaking, "Tickle, tickle, tickle!" (This Little Piggy Style)

Start these traditions even before your baby learns to laugh.  It's fun to watch their little eyes smile up at you in delight as they start to catch on.

What other fun anticipation activities have you played with your babies?


Deanna said...

The one my son's teacher taught him was "high Five" (do a hi five), "low five" (do a hi five down low), "Break the pickle" (hold your two pointer fingers touching. . hard to describe, make a #1 and point it left and the other hand right so the pointer fingers touch - and the kidbreaks it in half) , "Get a tickle!" (and you tickle them)

Having Fun at Home said...