Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Making Our Own Fall Leaves: Painted Toast Style

I had the girls painting bread leaves with food dye early Sunday morning while it was still a tiny bit chilly from the night so it felt a little like fall.
 The thing I really liked about this project was what happened when we put the bread leaves into the toaster oven.  They started crisping up and turning brown like real leaves.


Rachele @ Messy Kids said...

What a fabulous idea!  Now I know what to do with my fall leaf cookie cutter!  Thanks for sharing on It's Playtime.  

Laura Novobilsky said...

This is just the neatest idea!  Thanks so much for sharing it at my Fall Fun party.

I've featured it today in my latest Five Fun Ideas post!


Laura @ ComeTogetherKids

Chrissy @ The Outlaw Mom Blog said...

Great idea!  We've done just plain painted toast, but this is so perfect for fall and Thanksgiving breakfast!  Thanks for sharing :-)