Monday, October 17, 2011

Lower Case Carrot Garden

You may remember my letter matching board from a couple of months ago.  It turned out to be a good tool for letter recognition; G thinks of it as a game, and it keeps her moving around while she learns.

   For a while now G has been ready to tackle lower case letters, but I didn't have any inspiration for the letter board until my husband suggested little carrots growing in the flower pots. M had fun gluing the carrot top greens onto her sister's game board.
 This morning we tried them out!



Sue Walker said...


Malia {Playdough to Plato} said...

Just discovered your website through a Pinterest pin and I LOVE your ideas!!

Bek said...

This is such an awesome idea! I came across your page through pinterest and thought I'd let you know that I used your idea and made one of these for my 2 .5 year old yesterday. We both love it. Thanks! :)