Wednesday, October 5, 2011

An Active Alphabet for Toddlers

I'm realizing more and more that G is just a more naturally active little girl than M was at her age.   Sitting still during school time can be a bit of a trial for her; so to make it  more engaging I've come up with a list of actions to go with each letter of the alphabet when we are reviewing phonics.

At first I tried super active gestures, and soon realized that was a BIG mistake.  Little G would start hopping and slithering all over the room, and it was impossible to get her focused again.  This list is comprised entirely of actions a little one can do while sitting.

A is for antlers (hold arms up high over head)
B is for baby (rock imaginary baby in arms)
C is for cuddle (wrap arms around self or eachother and hug)
D is for dig (hold hand as if grasping a shovel and pretend to dig dirt)
E is for elephant (hold arm out to nose and wave like a trunk)
F is for fan (fan self with hand as if hot)
G is for give (pretend to hand a box to the other person)
H is for happy (smile big)
I is for icky (make a face as if something is gross)
J is for jiggle (hold hands around an imaginary box and wiggle it)
K is for kiss (blow a kiss)
L is for laugh (hold one hand on belly and laugh heartily)
M is for monkey (scratch ribs with hands and make monkey noises)
N is for no!  (shake index finger and say "no" sternly- she really likes this one!)
O is for octopus (wave arms around as if they were tentacles)
P is for pillow (lay head on hands as if going to sleep)
Q- quiet (hold finger to lips and say "shhh")
R is for roar (place hand around face as if they are a lion's mane and roar)
S is for strong (flex muscles and look tough)
T is for touch (gently touch a person or object with a single finger)
U is for under (place one hand under the other)
V is for violin (pretend to play the violin)
W is for water (move hands over imaginary waves)
X says xxxxxxx (draw a giant x in the air)
Y is for yawn (yawn big and cover mouth)
Z is for zig zag (using pointer finger, draw a zig zag in the air)
Little G after some happy active backyard time.
I try to use words that : 

1.  a toddler knows and can relate to
2.  use the simplest phonic sounds (hard g and c sounds, short vowel sounds)

but I definitely think there's room for improvement.  Have you found any action words that work really well for your little one?


Brooke Menoni said...

What a great idea!! I'm definitely going to use this with my two toddlers!! Thanks for sharing! 

Akbradbury11 said...

Great idea! We do the phonics alphabet with movements that correlate to the ASL signs. It's a two for one-phonetics and learning another language! Here are a few to get you started and the rest you can look up on
A=Apple (put your first knuckle  in your cheek and twist)
B=Ball (put your hands together like you are holding a ball
C=Cat (stroke pretend whiskers with both hands)
D=Dog (pat your leg like you are calling for a dog to come)
E=Elephant (Start from you nose and move your hand down as if you are rubbing it down the elephants trunk
Happy signing!