Friday, April 13, 2012

Leftover Easter Egg Idea: The Pool!

When I saw the fun Easter egg sensory tub over at Et Tout Et De Rien the other day, I knew I was going to have to buy up some extra clearance Easter eggs this year.

The weather here turned super warm though, and rather than a plastic bin the girls could put their hands in, I figured we might as well throw everything and everybody in the kiddie pool out back.

It was MARVELOUS.  So pretty and so much fun- kind of like a life-sized Easter Basket.    Besides just sloshing around with them (and pretending they were food- as M and G do with just about everything, here are three of the things we ended up doing to enjoy the eggs:

1.  We shuffled the circumference of the pool as quickly as we could to get the eggs swirling and bumping.  It makes a really fun noise- like hard rain falling on a metal roof.
2.  We challenged ourselves to push all the eggs to one end of the pool.  Even working together, it was harder than it might seem- they kept sneaking away from us.  In the end we used the spray hose and won the day.  Then of course, once they were all rounded it, M needed to jump into them.
3. We used the two larger balls as targets and tried aiming the Easter eggs at them from across the pool- just the right difficulty for a two- and four-year-old!
Do you have filler Easter eggs left over this year?  Do you have any fun plans for them?  If you are looking for some educational ideas you might try our word-family egg activity or check out Activity Mom's fun idea for using them to spell out a child's name.  If you just want something fun to play with, MamaSmiles can show you how to make a beautiful set of shaker eggs.

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