Monday, April 2, 2012

Straw-Blown Painting

Well, I have to admit:

My two-year-old couldn't do this activity at all.  (She can't blow through a straw yet, apparently)

My four-year-old did this activity with difficulty (her blowing  isn't super strong)

But I loved doing it!  (aside from a little light-headedness from blowing so hard :-) ) and I thought the results were very pretty.

It might be a good art technique to explore with an older child, or possibly a preschooler with a little more wind-power.  (My four-year-old is pretty dainty)

We used tempera paint which made for a very interesting texture and marbled effect.  But Anna at  The Imagination Tree used watercolors which I imagine might be a little easier to for a preschooler to blow around on the page.  We may have to try watercolors next time!


Amanda said...

This was very difficult for my then-two year old, too, and like you, I also had fun doing it!

Roopa Shri said...

This IS fun once the kiddos get the idea of blowing!! Watering down the paint helps a lot and also we figured it out that the coffe stirrer works better than regular straw:)

Havingfunathome said...

Funny!  I guess it's a good parent craft :-)

Havingfunathome said...

Good to know.  I'll have to try watering it down- that would probably show up better than watercolors.

Ana said...

Do you just dip the straw in the paint?