Thursday, September 8, 2011

A Beautiful Book: Come on, Rain!

I just found a book that is a perfect balm to my parched, Texas soul. It's about a little girl and her mother who live in a hot area that has been without rain for a long time. When the rain finally comes-- they REVEL in it.
And just look at the wonderful pictures...

Wilting in the sweltering heat
Mama sags over her drooping vines (I used to have a few of these before I gave up entirely)
Pressing a cool glass of iced tea against a hot neck
Little girl runs to tell her friend that she sees rain coming (I love illustrations of little girls with stick skinny legs!)
Outstretched hands for the rain
First big drops

Chasing eachother in the rain
Now the mamas get excited

Off fly their shoes and stockings

Mamas and daughters dance together in the rain.

Now everything is new again.
Isn't that refreshing? Do you have any other good children's rain book recommendations? After the recent wildfires I think we Texans are really primed to appreciate rain in all forms.


Patmagill116 said...

When you finally get YOUR rain...I'd love to see your photos!!

Having Fun at Home said...

Yes- can't wait!!

maryanne @ mama smiles said...

This book looks wonderful!!! I wish we could send some of our rain your way - and hope you get some SOON!

Having Fun at Home said...

Thanks, Maryanne.  Yes, I've thought a lot lately that it surely would be nice if we could spread out some of the rain between the East Coast and the Southwest this summer.