Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Our Spaghetti Throwing Flop

We certainly had a lot of spaghetti left over after our fun spaghetti swim the other day. I had high hopes for today's follow-up activity, but it turned out to be something of a disappointment. The spaghetti didn't stick very well to the paper, and the girls begged to be done after a couple of throws....oh well :-)

If you are interested in doing this activity, you might take a look over at Playfully Learning. They seemed to have a really fun time with it!


Danagorman said...

When we do this we use fresh cooked, warm spaghetti.  That makes it stick.  It also feels great.  The art work that your spaghetti made is very cool. Thanks for the mention.  Hope you can give it another go sometime and have more fun.  

Havingfunathome said...

oh- definitely makes sense that it would stick better as just- cooked spaghetti. Thanks! Maybe we'll give it another try!

Diane Schnur said...

It looks like it made nice art though.