Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Post-it Note Spelling

When I saw this idea in Family Fun magazine this month I thought it would be a fun way to practice simple word spelling with M- lets her move around, visualize the words, and choose letters from a limited pool.

I wasn't intending to do it crossword style like the article suggested, thinking it would be too tricky for a four year old, but with a little help, she seemed to understand the concept, and I really liked the added puzzling skills it helped her work on.

My helping her went something like this:

"You've got a "g" there at the end of the word "tag."  Can you think of any words that start with "g" that you could spell using the letters over there?"
"O.K.  Now put the letters for that word underneath the "g" and make your word go down instead of sideways."


Patmagill116 said...

LOVE-love this idea!!  and....she's so smart!

Sue Walker said...

How pleased M looks!