Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Giving Thanks During Preparation

In theory I love Thanksgiving.  But to be perfectly honest, the days and hours leading up to the Thanksgiving meal often find me busy and not terribly thankful (ironically, even a little irritable and grumpy).   This year we had our big meal on Wednesday; so today I decided to try to make a concerted effort to think thankful thoughts while I was making the meal and cleaning.  

I wasn't completely successful (there was that string cheese emergency, for example, when I had to quick eat a piece of string cheese before I bit my husband's head off) but there were some moments of reflective thankfulness.  And what was interesting to me was that I found new things to be thankful for that I probably would not have noticed before.

These were some of the new reasons I found to give thanks to the Lord:

1.  All the interesting textures God has made.  The firm but slightly spongey potato in my hand, the clammy turkey skin, etc. It really is beautiful and amazing.
2.  That none in my immediate family work retail.  We don't have the stress of Black Friday, etc. ahead of us.
3.  Ready access to so much meat when so much of the world struggles to get enough protein.
4.  No family food allergies that I have to work around in my meal preparation.  (What a huge thing that is!)
5.  That all this busyness comes from people.  I'm so glad I have people in my life for this Thanksgiving.  It would be hard to be alone.
6.  For convenience foods.  I feel a little strange being thankful for this because theoretically I'm a bigger fan of cooking from scratch, but what a luxury to be able to choose not to- when time is tight or when one just really doesn't care that much about a particular dish.  It's a boon to live in the age of Stovetop Stuffing!
7.  That if I stopped cooking and cleaning right now, we'd still eat better and in a nicer home than two thirds of the world.  Everything I am doing right now is over-the-top, luxury bonus.  ( Took a little of the pressure off, besides being a reason to be thankful).

Have you found new things to be thankful for this year- maybe things that you've had all along, but have just now struck you in a new way?


Christine Gould said...

KATEY.  Stovetop stuffing?  Really?  Then you've never had good stuffing, or you'd know it's worth the time.  If we should ever feast together again (surely there will be a time), my great-grandma Rose's stuffing will be on the menu.  You haven't lived.  :)

Seriously, though, I love your thought about "if I stopped cooking and cleaning right now, we'd still be better off than most of the world."  It really does give me pause to be grateful and stop stressing!  (And I'm only making one dessert this year.)

maryanne @ mamasmiles said...

This is a great list! My SIL is fighting preterm labor right now at 28 weeks, and I am newly grateful to have never struggled with that - and hoping and praying for my nephew to wait at least until 2012 to make an appearance!

Sue Walker said...

Hot water that comes out of a faucet at my desire.

Melissa Howard said...

Every single one of your thoughts are so wonderfully in tune with the society we live in - thank you for the perspective.

Katey @ Having Fun at Home said...

That IS scary.  A good thing for me to be thankful for too- I've made it past that possibility in my pregnancy.  Easy to take it for granted.  

Katey @ Having Fun at Home said...

haha!  Yes- actually I prefer Stovetop to any stuffing I've ever had. I would try to keep an open mind about dear Grandma Rose's recipe, but usually I find homemade stuffing too soggy for my taste.  

And yes... I think it would be GREAT FUN to feast with you all someday.  Let's do it! :-)