Friday, March 23, 2012

Ten Activities with Sticky Notes

Looking for something new to do today?  If your craft cabinet has as many random pads of sticky notes as mine does you can try one of these fun activities:  
Sticky Note Quilts (Sweet Vintage)
Mosaic (G Prime)
Building with Sticky Note Pads (Ready, Set, Read!)
Heavy and Light Activity (A Little Learning for Two)
Crosswords (Having Fun at Home)
Treasure Hunt (Mummy Mum Mum)
Love Bugs (Inner Child Fun)
Lion Craft (Having Fun at Home)
Kissing Flip Book (Inner Child Fun)
Or, if you want something really simple for a beginning reader, try "reading the house."  (Label various objects with their names and let your child find each one and read it) Thanks, Busy Kids= Happy Mom!

And, here's one more "bonus" activity that I accidentally left off earlier.  This one uses alphabet post-its!
Letter Pad Name Spelling (Toddler Approved)


Karjala said...

Where did you find alphabet post its? Those are fabulous!

Angela Hylland said...

Cute ideas! I also wrapped up some Post-It pads for a recent flight, and they kept my toddler occupied for hours.

Rashmi @ Mommy Labs said...

Wonderful round-up of ideas. Mu daughter loves post-it notes. Recently, she did some Math art on them while I made a mosaic. You can see here: