Thursday, May 19, 2011

Button Tappers

We happened to have some large buttons around the house, and decided today to hunt down some skinny rubber bands to make "button tappers." 

I threaded the rubber band through both holes, and tied the ends in a little knot.  I was a little afraid that G wouldn't want to have anything to do with something so strange on her fingers, but I was pleasantly surprised.  She was eager to wear them and to try them out, tapping them on the bottom of a big pot.

(I realized, after seeing the above picture that I never changed G after she spilled a whole glass of milk down her front- oops!)
Soon M decided that they'd be even more fun on her feet.  So we tapped on the drum with our toes :-)  M and G also enjoyed listening to me walking around the laminate floor with them on my feet- sounded like tap shoes.  (They didn't like the feel of it themselves though)


Putti Prapancha said...

Thats a wonderful idea! Love it and shared it on FB page:)

Mkwalker16 said...

 That looks fun