Friday, May 27, 2011

Tiny Books: Rhymes and Letters

My girls really seem to enjoy tiny things; so for today's school time I made them each a tiny educational book.

(3 inch by 2 inch strips of paper, stapled together once in the middle)

For G's book, on opposing pages I put an upper and lower case letter.  As we turned each page I asked her if the letters went together.  If they were the same letter, we shouted "SAME!" and threw our hand up in the air.  If they were different, we made our voices as deep as we could and slowly and sadly said, "Different..."

 For M's book on opposing pages I drew simple pictures.  If the words rhymed, we gestured emphatically and shouted "It RHYMES!" if not, we shook our heads, "no, rhyme..."  They really got into the drama of it.  :-)

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