Thursday, May 26, 2011

Join Us on Facebook!

Well, about a week ago I finally got a Facebook page together for Having Fun at Home. I had been dragging my feet for a while because I wasn't really sure what it would contribute, but now I'm really excited about it.

Here's what you can expect to find on the facebook page:

1. Notifications for new posts on the blog.
2. Links to other great ideas I find on other family activity blogs.
3. Quick, fun ideas that aren't long enough for a full post.
4. Occasional pictures of completed ideas that I don't post on the blog. (For example, if you go there now you'll find a picture of the tea wreath that M and I made for her preschool teacher.

and the thing I am most excited about...

5. It's a great venue for readers who try ideas here on Having Fun at Home to share with each other their pictures/ blog post links. It doesn't even have to be based on something from HFAH. It would be neat to see any great ideas you find!

I love the thought of Facebook becoming a forum for sharing creative ideas in community.

By the way, if for some reason this link doesn't work, would someone tell me about it? I've been having trouble with my links lately. Thanks! :-)

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