Friday, May 6, 2011

I didn't make any homemade Mother's Day cards this year, BUT...

If I had, I might have tried to make one of these clever cards!

1.  The instructions for this stand-up card are at In2Art
2.  This fantastic idea for a sign language mother's day card from baby comes from Baby Sign Language
3.  To see how to make a purse that folds out into a card visit All Kids Network. 
4.  The printout for making a "Best Mother in the World" newspaper card is over at the Tip Junkie.


1.  Photo cards are always fun.  I like the balloon idea from Jerome's photography.
2.  Family Fun has a cute photo house idea.
3.  This flower card from Celebrations would be easy for children to make and folds up into its own cute little envelope.  
4.  The I love you to pieces idea comes from kiboomu.  (Might also be cute to use actual puzzle pieces with good qualities of Mom written on each one)
5.  The I love you this much! card is from All Kids Network.
6.  The wheel of affection card is also from Family Fun.

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Sue said...

Oh, such fun, doable projects!