Sunday, May 22, 2011

They Grow up so Update on the Chickens

It has been awhile since I gave any kind of update on our little suburban flock.  The chickens are no longer the cute little fluff balls they once were.  They have passed through their ugly adolescent stage and are almost full grown hens now- just about ready to start laying.

Things I've learned so far about backyard chickens:

1.  They really have very agreeable personalities. Certainly, they're not the brightest bulbs in the box- but nice.  I never have to worry that they are going to be malicious to the girls.

2.  Chickens light up the backyard.  I really enjoy standing on the back patio, watching them scratch about and listening to their mellow (usually) clucking.

3.  They've really cut down on the bug population.  (Horray!)

4.  Once you get past the initial set up hassle and expense, they're even easier to have around than cats.

5.  There's something soothing about putting the chickens to bed every night.  Chasing them into their pen is a chore I almost never resent.  It reminds me of the old Green Acres sentiment that the chores are one of the best parts about living in the country.  So true. 

6.  So far there hasn't been a problem with any kind of smell.  That may be partly a reflection of the fact that we're in the middle of a drought here in central Texas, and the dry heat solves what might otherwise be an issue.  I guess I'll find out as we go along.

7.  The chickens really like fresh, organic produce.  This might be commendable if it were not for the situation of my garden.  They nibbled down all the leaves within reach and quite a few baby cantaloupes and tomatoes.  I was  ready for chicken noodle soup until my husband helped me install chicken wire around the perimeter.  Our relationship is restored.


MaryAnne @ mama smiles said...

 They are so pretty! 

kmagill1212 said...

You know, I've actually been surprised by how pretty their feathers are- and soft!