Monday, March 5, 2012

Sticky Table Ideas

I think I was first introduced to the concept of a sticky table over at Chasing Cheerios.  Since that time though, I've seen lots of variations including a fun pumpkin vine sticky table at Teach Preschool.

The other day when we had an unexpected morning free it seemed just the thing to try- we had all the materials on hand and we could make it last as long or as short as we liked.

The basic idea is to tape contact paper onto a table, sticky side up.  Little G enjoyed the sensation of the stickiness even before we put anything on it.  Couldn't keep her hands off of it!
We used ribbon, pom poms, colored pasta, googly eyes, cupcake liners, and pieces of yarn to make designs.  I think the googly eyes and the pom poms were our favorites.

I think maybe next time, we'll try taping it to the wall instead for a new perspective.  
Have you done a sticky table (or wall)?  What objects did you use to decorate it?  


maryanne @ mamasmiles said...

We did a sticky table - floor, actually - with pattern blocks ( and a sticky wall with pattern blocks and foam blocks (here: - so much fun!!!

Katey said...

Maryanne, your links aren't working for some reason :-(

Jwoodring said...

Clear contact paper, paint, and dicut shapes. I did a pigs in the mud scene with brown paint, coffee grounds, and pink pig cut outs. The kids in my 1-2 yr old room loved it. When done I stuck it to a paper backing and was able to hang it up. They looked so neat!

Dotd said...

 Those links have a parenthesis at the end.  Just delete that, so the link ends with a "/".

Katey (Having Fun at Home) said...


Ardi Bradlee said...

Kids could do it more easily than elders. Its really fun for them. I like the ideas of stick pom poms and googly eyes on the table. You should take care about the table cloth you are making available for them to have fun.